The ‘300’ Weekend

I am going to have a ‘300’ weekend. Three-hundred miles on a bike, that is. For some, this may sound unbelievable, for others, the thought might be, why, and possibly for a few hearty fellow cyclists, the question might be, I wonder where he is riding to. The common thread to answer these thoughts and questions is “passion”.

What is passion? The passion I have for the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) is my incredibly strong feeling about cancer and the emotional turmoil felt by far too many people. For the past eleven years I prepare and then participate in the PMC with my heart, soul and sweat. The passion I feel for this Woodstock of non-profit events is intense. In March, when the snow has barely left the yards of homes in New Hampshire I take to the roads. Out from my basement gym and off my stationary bike I start a 16-week training program so I can do “battle” against cancer. I hate cancer!

In addition to getting physically prepared I invest my creative energies to raising funds to support the magnificent work being done at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI). This year in addition to my ‘blue-collar’ efforts of writing personal notes and stuffing hundreds of envelopes, I held a poker game and will hold other events such as yard sales, car washes and fun BBQs.

I may need the physical release to resolve my inner anger with the disease, but the real war is being fought by amazing doctors, nurses, care givers, hospital staff, researchers, scientists and many others. Their efforts require dollars, lot’s of them! The great news is that through the good work of Billy Starr and his PMC staff 100% of the money raised goes directly to cancer research.

Did you see the movie “300”? The movie’s plot profiles the battle of King Leonidas and 300 Spartans against an insurmountable army of over 100,000. Their passion to protect their homeland results in their death while taking down tens of thousands of Persians. The point is not to say that riders in the PMC are fighting an insurmountable foe in cancer, but to say that the passion of PMC riders and volunteers, and the good people at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute will not stop – period!

Closer by the mile; with each rotation of the pedal and each dollar raised will lead us to making progress in the fight against cancer.


  • In the past 30 years, the cure rate against some cancers has doubled.
  • In the past 5 years, the cure rate against prostate cancer went from 21% to 48%
  • In the 1950s, cancers death within childhood were a foregone sentence, today, the cure rate is between 85-90%

On Friday, July 31, I begin a 300+ mile weekend. Starting from Bedford, New Hampshire I will make my way over the roads to Sturbridge, Massachusetts and to the start of the PMC. Then, on Saturday, August 1, over 5,000 cyclists will rise very early and take to the roads of Massachusetts over one of the several routes and distances offered by the event. (I ride the two-day 192 mile journey from Sturbridge to Provincetown. Day one goes from Sturbridge to Bourne; day two goes the remaining distance to Provincetown.)

Earlier, I made a reference to the event being “intense”. I, like I believe others, am intense about this event and the work being done by the DFCI and other cancer centers. In life, there are many reasons for people to get genuinely excited and to invest of themselves. I believe the war against cancer is, like the Spartans, a cause requiring our collective passion. The difference is – we will win this war!

Please release your passion and join me!


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2 responses to “The ‘300’ Weekend

  1. Kelly D.

    Hi Larry, Thanks for riding in the bike-a-thon. DFCI is very near and dear to my family. BTW, I think that Todd rides for this event also. With many hugs!! Kelly

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