Throw the damn scale away!

the "scale" argh!Can you imagine weighing 300+ pounds? This idea might be scary and the image that comes to mind is someone who is “FAT”!

But, what would you think if you knew you are healthy and you look great…and weighed 300+ pounds?

How do you measure your health? Would you care that you weighed 300+ pounds if you felt and looked good?

I say “throw away that damn scale” and use the following as your measurements of health.

Cardio – Can you participate in an aerobic activity for 20-to-30 minutes without feeling like you are sucking for air through a straw on top of Mt. Everest?

Strength – Can you pick up your child or grandchild without feeling like your back will crack in four pieces? Do you have the ability to squeeze a tennis ball for 30 seconds without cramping? How many “good” pushups can you do? Can you do a pull up?

Flexibility – Can you sit on the floor, legs flat and straight out in front of you and reach forward with both hands and touch your toes?

Body Fat – You can’t use a scale to determine how much body fat you have (ok, yes there are some of these devices on the market that can do this).

Feel and Look – How do your clothes feel? How do you feel? Do you like what you see in the mirror? Are you always getting colds or the flu?

These are the measurements of being “beautiful”.

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One response to “Throw the damn scale away!

  1. jwryals82

    I completely agree with throwing the scale away. I currently about 311 pounds. I will be 28 in the next couple of weeks, and I am 6’0″ tall. According to my doctor my ideal weight should be about 186 pounds to be considered not overweight. I sometimes sit and wonder what I would look like at 186 pounds, and I can never get a picture of it in my head. I feel fine, other than some anxiety issues because of abusing anti-depressant drugs when I was younger, but other than that I feel great. I am on medicine for High Blood Pressure, but I am told that if I lose the weight, that my blood pressure will go down. The scale has become nothing but an enemy and even a means to motivate me less to do what needs to be done.

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