Did you buy your happiness today?

Are you happy? If you are an American, you have lots of cool things that make you happy: TVs, clothes, golf clubs, computers, a house(s), and a car(s) and more. Why did you buy these things?

Did you know that the United States was rated 114th out of 143 countries on the Happy Planet Index? This “Happy Planet Index” looks at a country’s happiness compared with how many resources it uses. Based on this rating it does not look like Americans are very happy despite all of the “things” we have.

So, that’s where the U.S. is on the “happiness” scale; what about you? Does the new plasma TV, Volvo, dining room set or watch make you happy? I am confident by now you are seeing my point. Does the accumulation of “things” make you happy, or are you happy when you…??

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  1. Dave

    Recently heard this from a well known CEO who is now building his 2nd business around the following philosophy…
    “Happiness is the ability to do what you want, in the way that you want to do it.”

    The quality isn’t the greatest, but attempting to buy happiness is explored in this series of videos:

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