“She died in my arms. I donate in her name…”

When I reflect on the past 12 years of training for and riding in the PMC, I inevitably ask myself “why do I ride?” The answer is simple.  I ride because of YOU!  Every year, along with their donations, friends write me quick notes. Here are just a few messages that they’ve shared:

“She died in my arms. I donate in her name…”

“My husband died from Prostate Cancer in 1991 and other family members have suffered from the awful disease. So proud of you and the other riders who tackle the Pan Mass.”

“My mom has been doing chemo for a year after surgery for colon cancer.”

“Hope you can log a few miles for…”

“On behalf of those who succumbed and those who will struggle.”

“Wishing you an enjoyable and pain-free ride!”

“…both my dad and my husband are cancer survivors, so Go Larry!”

“I am sure your dad will be looking down on you…”

“Please add my husband’s name to your bike…”

“In memory of my dear friends…”

The PMC is both a gift and a challenge. The gift is the single-minded hope of all who contribute to make a difference. The challenge is the heart breaking pain felt by friends who watch the ones they love fight cancer, or those who are actually suffering from the devastating disease themselves.

When I receive your personal messages and supportive words, I know that YOU are gift! You send me the gift of inspiration and your donations are a gift to all who will ultimately benefit when we finally cure this disease!

Each year, not only do I make my request to you via this letter, I also renew my commitment to YOU, the PMC and the Dana Farber Institute to continue in the war on cancer!

Join me, my friends, and once again support the PMC! 

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