We don’t want your money…

Help me understand this consumer experience. I stopped by our local Blockbuster’s today with my son (he wanted to rent ‘Tron’ since the new release will be coming out soon). We find the only copy on the shelf and proceed to the counter, and the troubles begin.

One counter man turns to the other, “hey, can you FOS this?” (what is ‘FOS’?). Anyway, counter man two takes out his handy-dandy zap gun and scans, then peers at the computer screen.

“We can’t rent this to you.”

“What?” I respond; “you have it in your hand.”

“Yes, but it belongs to another location.”

“What?” I respond again.

“It happens all the time; customers bring movies back to a different location.”

“OK, but you have it in your hand.”

“It belongs to another location, so I can’t rent it to y ou.”


“What location does it belong to?”

“South Willow Street (btw-this is less than 2 miles away)”

“When will it be there so I can go there and rent it.”

“It takes about 3-4 days.”

I did not respond, as I was in total dis-belief! The guy is holding the movie we want to rent (give our money over to) and he is saying he can’t rent it to us? Help me understand this. I turn to my son and say, “OK, let’s go”.

I am so totally amazed at this, I can not garner enough energy to either throw a stink or work towards resolution. Does this make any sense at all? I guess business is well since they don’t need a customer’s money.

Anyone have a copy of ‘Tron’ I can rent?

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  1. Joe

    Wait 2-3 days – I hear there will be one at S. Willow

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