A Christmas Gift

Each Christmas morning after opening gifts with LAKAHAMA, I enjoy a special gift. Donning a familiar, seasonal red hat with white fur, sunglasses and a red jacket I hit the roads to leisurely run a couple of miles. This is a special gift because, one, I can, and two I love the expressions and responses I get from cars whizzing by on their way to grandma’s house (or wherever they are heading). I clearly recall the first year I took to the roads as a “cool running Santa”. The mom in the front seat of their mini-van enthusiastically brought the young ones attention to the red-and-white figure coming down the road. The backseat passengers smiled and waved; I waved back, while inside I was filled with happiness at the possibility of creating a memory for them.

Well, here it is another year (2010) and my gift continues. Despite the low 30’s temps, I put on my black running shorts and Santa gear and headed out. I wondered if I would see any cars, and if I did, would they respond. Turning onto the main road near my house, the very first vehicle I encountered gave me a quick honk and a thumbs up. The driver was solo. Was he also a runner and wanted to acknowledge the effort? Was he a Christmas enthusiast? Either way I was thankful. I covered the next mile without encountering any other cars. I thought, that’s OK, at least I got one. I travelled along a short route I had run many times before; half-way, turnaround and now back to LAKAHAMA and soon-to-be arriving family. As the car neared I wonder if I would get  a response. Hey! Wait a minute, why do I have to wait for a response? This is a gift so it is time for me to start giving. During the final last two miles back to home base, I delivered a dozen or so “gifts”. With a smile, I presented an enthusiastic wave to each traveller. Most of the time, I was gifted with a wave and/or a smile in return; and yes, some from the back seat.

For 2010, here is my gift to all of you – MERRY CHRISTMAS and JOYEUX NOEL!

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