The “Bottom Line”

A customer’s experience is the MOST important and critical element to a company’s success! The customer experience is not concluded once they buy. It is not an isolated one-time event. Their experience is the sum of all interactions, formed by an organization’s culture and customer contact points. Every interaction influences the customer’s perceptions of the company’s product and/or service. There is no magic formula or checklist to follow. The customer experience consists of every impression and encounter; or someone closely associated with the customer, albeit they are one of the customer’s co-workers, friends or family members. Whether the customer is making a phone call for additional information, scheduling a meeting, or whether your website is easy to navigate, every interaction impacts the customer experience.

Believe it or not, like it or not, the customer experience is the key to your success. Accept, even a percentage of this idea, and this will lead you to look inward at your culture and not on the quarterly finance statements. If the focus is on the bottom line, you’ve missed the point. Keep the focus on the customer.

Consider this. When you have a relationship with someone and believe they care about you, you are more likely to trust them, follow their guidance and communicate with them honestly. When you don’t create this trust, then you risk losing the opportunity to have a new customer, or keeping the ones you have.

Building relationships with customers is the single most important thing you can do in determining how your product and/or service will be accepted, used and adopted. The focus must be on building a relationship with every customer, every time. (And yes, the bottom line will benefit as well.)

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