“Heart and Mind”

This year represents my 14th year participating in the Pan Mass Challenge! I pondered how to best succeed in raising money to benefit the great work of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute; what came to mind is this, I want to appeal to your “heart and mind”. Please read on.

Imagine losing a family member or a dear friend to the ravages of cancer. I know many of you can, so please stop and remember them.

Over time, our memories of the pain decreases and a request such as this moves to the ‘to do’ pile. Please STOP again for a moment and remember your loved one, and know that there are many others who have or will experience what you have experience. Let your heart guide you and remember them by supporting the Pan Mass Challenge.

For those, who might ask the question, “where does my donation go?” The answer is that 100% of the money donated to the PMC goes directly to Dana Farber. So, if an appeal to your logical side will move you to donate, read how PMC dollars are used.

Well, this is my appeal to your “heart and mind“. Please consider supporting the PMC and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Thank you my friends!

Live Life with Passion!

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