The PMC by the Numbers

There are 3 sets of “numbers” I would like to share with you regarding the Pan Mass Challenge’s fight against cancer.

  1. Are we making a difference?
  2. What is the PMC?
  3. Who are “we” and how are we doing?

Are we making a difference?

This is the 33rd PMC, so the question must be asked, “has the more than $330 million made a difference?” The answer is yes!

  • Death rates from all cancers from men, women and children has continued to decline.
  • Survival rates have increased 18% over the last 30 years.and take a look at this graphic;

What is the PMC?

For those who are new in your support to the PMC, and for those who want to know more:

  • Number of cyclists participating this year: 5,500 from 36 states
  • Number of volunteers this year: 3,000
  • Total number of cyclists during the PMC’s 33 years: 71,955
  • Total number of volunteers over 33 years: 42,244
  • Cyclists range from 13 to 88 years old
  • Total money raised in 33 years: $338 million
  • Percentage of Money Raised donated to Dana Farber Cancer Institute: 100%

Who are “we” and how are we doing?

Each and every year I ride in the PMC, however, each and every year I view my participation as “our” participation. You have joined me in this battle against cancer and together we put more into the karma bank and make a difference. I want to share with you who “we” are and how we have been doing over the past 13 years.

  • In 13 years, we have raised over $56,000.00 from over 1,050 donations (amazing numbers!)
  • Our average number of donations has been 78 per year
  • The largest number of donations in a year was 2005 with 103
  • The average amount of a donation over past 13 years is $53.00
  • The largest average dollar donation year was 2007 with $65.00
  • The average number of responses I get from my mailings is just over 33%
  • The highest response rate was in 2011 with 64% (I would love to capture that magic each year)
  • How many of you have contributed EVERY year since 1999? 7 (you are special!)
  • What has been the largest single donation: $901.00 (matching corporate donation)
  • What has been the largest single donation by an individual: $500.00
  • How many names (reasons to ride) are on my helmet94  (loved ones)
  • When did you join the team? 23 individuals joined in 1999, from there our ranks grew by;

PMC-When you joined

  • Where are you from? You represent 19 states.

PMC-Where are you from

So, left-brain thinkers, did I satisfy your curiosity? I hope so, because now I can ask for your support. Please support the PMC and make a difference!” 

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