“All coaching is…”

“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”

~ Vince Lombardi ~
tri legs

“I recently hired Larry to be my sprint triathlon coach.  While I had already completed one sprint triathlon, I wanted to improve my times and push myself to further refine all of the technical aspects of competing in and completing sprint triathlons.  For me, a coach is someone who I can learn from and who will drive me.  A coach is able to help me see through my fears and anxieties and will push me to the next level relentlessly but compassionately.  Larry was all of this and then some.

While I NEVER give up and I will push myself harder than anyone ever could, I am also my own worst enemy and have benefitted from Larry’s ever present and consistent “reality checks”.   His sensitivity, keen awareness of my mental and physical abilities and capabilities, and never-ending support were instrumental in keeping me on track by squashing any discouragement I had and by raising the bar and helping my blow through plateaus.

Larry balances the need for micromanaging a workout plan with the periodic, but tenacious, need for macro checkpoints thus holding me accountable to him and ultimately to myself.  “No” and  “can’t” are not in Larry’s vocabulary but “what if” and “let’s try” are and these provided the foundation and springboard to encourage me to break out of the mold by trying new things or ideas.

It is now three sprint triathlons later and I have a new found sense of adventure, drive and determination to do more.  Larry’s energy and positive outlook are infectious and highly motivating allowing me to do things I once approached with fear with a desire to see how far I can take myself and a belief that I will prevail.  I am planning to wrap up this season with a half marathon.  I look forward to continuing to work with Larry, who knows, maybe a marathon will be on my dance card for next season.”

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