The customer or the money?

poker bet

I am willing to bet (not a lot of money) that many vice presidents, directors and managers responsible for services (consulting, training, customer support, etc.) are faced with fulfilling corporate objectives while strongly adhering to revenue targets and/or expense management guidelines. In other words, their strategies and tactics created and used are dictated by finance.

Which is more important, the customer or the money?

The simple answer, or the one that I bet (again, not a lot of money) many vice presidents, directors and managers will give is “both”.

I get it! And, I know as good corporate leaders eyes on both, and the appropriate amount of energy and resources are directed to both, however, what if you had to choose? Which of these two would be listed as number 1? Which gets top billing?

I am not going to shy away from this question; the answer is “customer first” and here the reasons.

  1. A satisfied customer will tell their friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.
  2. A satisfied customer will buy again.
  3. It cost less to keep a customer than to get new ones.

Completely focus on the customer and I am very, very confident that revenue targets will be achieved and the expenses will be manageable.

Wanna bet?

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