The Importance of Scope within EMR.

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In a recent discussion within the Linkedin Healthcare-IT/EHR/HIS group based on an article entitled, “EHR users unhappy, many switching“, many good exchanges of important ideas and topics (UI, security, data exchanges, HIPAA, interoperability, etc.) covered why users are unhappy and switching, however, I propose that from the project management perspective fundamentally the successful end result of any software solution is the adherence to a well-defined scope. EMR vendors engage and work with their clients to develop a scope. The requirements identified within the scope should not be based on the feature set; the scope should be defined by the stakeholders requirements along with defining what the desired end result will be.

In the case of an EMR solution, if the clinical caregiver population and/or some fraction of patients are not part of the development of the scope, already two key stakeholders end-user groups will feel frustrated by the outcome and adoption is likely to fail. Thus, the critical element is to capture this input from ALL stakeholders, OR, to accept the direction and input from the those creating the scope as the basis for measuring success.

This being said, the evolution of EMR solutions represents one of the most dynamic examples of the rapidly facing change of technology.

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