Is there a Cloud in your future?


Are you considering deploying new websites and/or applications via a Cloud provider in 2014? Are you looking to have the benefit of high availability and scaling to optimize your applications management strategy for the New Year?

There is solid evidence that many functional departments across the organization are focused on strategies that will shorten implementation times and are increasingly looking to have the management of software and infrastructure hosted externally in the cloud to decrease time spent on upgrades, maintenance, and support.

If you are considering moving to the cloud in 2014, remember these key points when looking for a hosted solution.


Your department should focus on the strategic objectives of delivering content, fulfilling workflow business processes and not on infrastructure and maintenance. By focusing on your strategy you ensure maximizing the growth of revenue and increasing customer satisfaction.

The cloud provides scalability and elasticity to easily match utilization requirements. Cloud solutions give you the ability to deploy your application in the cloud and improves flexibility for your organization.


The economic value of moving your applications to the cloud aligns your investments so you can pay for what you actually need. There are costs involved in the operations and maintenance of your IT infrastructure; with the cloud, businesses can allocate those costs to more resources, fostering innovation within the company as well as the creation of new products and services.

Cloud deployment for business applications reduces the cost of entry, IT costs, and infrastructure support, and provides faster time for use by business users. The cloud enables organizations to deploy their solutions faster. Do not invest in infrastructure that delivers short-term value. Don’t purchase an asset that depreciates and requires upgrades before your initial investment dollars have been accounted for.


Architecturally the Cloud allows you to have a simple and consistent environment available to developers and key business users. This environment removes the complexity of using an application, making it easier to develop and deploy fixes, upgrades, and future release versions.

Moving your business application to the cloud allows IT to not have to schedule the testing and application of a software update and removes worrying about enough disk space or processing power to handle your application. A managed cloud approach provides an environment ready to scale to meet your peak seasons; it means having world-class security measures in place and significantly reduces your datacenter overhead.

A Focus on Strategy

The leading Cloud providers share the vision of having organizations focus on their strategy. They believe in helping organizations maximize the value of their investments.

A managed cloud offering provides confidence that your application is always up and available, ready to deliver amazing value to your customers and achieve your department and corporate objectives.

Organizations have recognized the value of the Cloud and have begun to move key business productivity applications like ERP and CRM to this solution. More and more organizations are recognizing the value they can gain from having their application managed in the Cloud.

Is there a Cloud in your future?

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