Many Years of Flying the PMC Colors!


Each year, riders get an event jersey. Below in order are my jerseys. I will tell you that I do have favorites (and ones that I don’t like). Which is your favorite? Looks like I need to update my page.

15 years of flying the PMC colors!

Live Life with Passion!




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2 responses to “Many Years of Flying the PMC Colors!

  1. Carlie

    My friend and I are first year riders this year and were looking to see all the past jerseys and came across your post. Thank you for sharing this! We were born in ’99, the summer of your first ride, and hope to be 20+ year returners someday too. Thank you for committing and riding all these years – it is inspiring! Stay safe out there on the road and happy riding!

    • Larry

      Carlie, thanks for the message and welcome to the PMC family! I hope to update my page to reflect the 20+ jerseys that I now have. Ride on!!

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