Review: “7 reasons to see Furious 7”


I really enjoy going to the movies with my son, Max. After movies we will get into a back-and-forth review of the pluses and minuses; and, usually the next day I will see his critique online. Well, dad decided to jump in on this critique stuff and as a result, here are my reasons (seven of them) to see “Furious 7”.

#7 – Its not real; nothing is real in this movie! Don’t for a moment think that anything portrayed in this movie is possible. Get over it people. If you want to believe the stunts are possible, don’t go see this movie. I think the producers knew this, went with it, and stayed with it throughout the entire movie. Check your reality senses at the door as soon as you buy your ticket.

#6 – Speaking of not real… We see the aftermath of how one man gets through an army (let’s say 10, 20; no, let’s say a 100 or so) of guards in a hospital to let his dying brother (you need to have seen #6 to know why the brother is dying) know that vengeance will be had. Followed by a very large, muscular man, after fighting the vengeful brother, falls out of a tall building while hugging a woman, lands on a car and survives. And, there are many, many other examples. The 2-plus hours will go by quickly.

#5 – The cast stays true to their characters. They deliver on their bad-ass, over-confident personas. They have good one-liners; “…his momma should have kept her legs closed…” and “…woman, I am the cavalry…”. And, once again, there are more of these, so you can plan to gasp and laugh.

#4 – Timely and well placed T & A. To quote Jeff Foxworthy, “I am a guy!”

#3 – Vehicles, not just cars, but all kinds of ‘Hot Wheels’ cars through out the film. How about 5 cars getting dropped, or should I say drive out of a plane, parachutes open, they land on rural mountain road and drive off. Ambulances kill drones. Racing through the forests (obviously, no trees in this part of the world; oh yea, I was suppose to check my reality senses at the door). Cars drive off cliffs – on purpose!

#2 – Remember, no reality here, just plain testosterone level pain between big guys, and women. The fight scenes pitting one of the master big-screen tough guys Jason Statham going against the Rock, then later Vin Diesel are Boom! Pow! Kapow! Crash! Zonk! You get it…

#1 – Tribute to Paul Walker. Very nicely done. It’s all about family!

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