PMC Piccola Night 2016

PMC poster 2016Would you like a night full of great food, smiles, friends milling and chatting about, some laughs here and there, raffles and more? Then, you really want to consider joining me for my 2nd PMC Piccola Night. For those in the greater Manchester area, you already know, or should know about Piccola Italia as being the best Italian restaurant. Giovanni Paolini, owner for Piccola, has a goal to have each customer feel like family and I can guarantee this is the experience you will have.

Many years ago, upon entering Piccola Italia, at the hostess station I saw a photo of this runner at the Boston Marathon. Next to the photo was a fish bowl with money in it. Below the photo was a short description of “Johnny” who was raising money in support of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. “A brother!” I exclaimed to my wife and our friends. “I have to meet this guy!” I asked the hostess about the photo and asked if I could meet him. She replied that he was the owner and he is busy cooking. I told her I HAD TO meet him and I would only take a moment of his time. (She was probably thinking, that she had a customer in front of her and she better at least try.) Johnny came out from the kitchen and I introduced myself and my ride with the PMC. His passion and energy beamed forward as we talked about our mutual efforts. I knew we were “brothers” in the fight against cancer.

One night two years ago, my wife and I were at Piccola for dinner when Johnny stopped by to say hello. We chatted and then his passion came forth when he asked if there was something more he could do beyond making a donation to my ride. Last year was a great night, and so here we are again.

Again, great food and fun all in one night. So, come “home” and help me fight the fight against cancer.

See you there!



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