God is…

Faith and Passion

Stay away from politics and religion, they say, when in social settings.

While at a recent event, the chatter of topic discussions ranged impressively amongst the guests, I overheard the legality of marijuana, the weather (as is typical when more than two people gather), travel to foreign countries, and then, a vibrant and intellectual woman looked at me and asked, “What and who is God?” She knew I love conversation, and depending on who is in attendance will quickly enjoy a debate. This woman posed one of the taboo topics directly at me.

I paused and let a short silence reflect my desire to collect my thoughts prior to responding. Was I stepping into a trap? How was I going to answer this? There were many, many thoughts on how to answer this, but I wanted to be succinct.

Looking directly at her and with much confidence,
my answer to her was, “faith and passion“.


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