The Helmet – I ride for many!


Larry's "Motivation to Ride"

During my years participating in the PMC, I have recognized many individuals who have suffered (or lost their battles) with cancer by listing their names on my bike’s handlebar stem, then listing them on the top tube… and now these individuals will get a better view from atop my helmet.

Reasons to Ride

The list you see below are those who have dealt with or are dealing with cancer. 

This list is “my motivation!”


Marcel & Doris Gagnon   Elizabeth Ann Millus   Hank Swiadas
Harry Martins   Ron “Bumpa” Brown   Terri “Babci” Tishkevich
Joseph J. & Helen E. Renda   Craig Bamberger   Tom Chew
Randy & Kathy Mithoefer   Jim Hopkins   Ady Lavallee
Lou & Vi Hopkins   Joe Sherlock   Jeanne Spillane
Sue Spillane   Joyce Miller   Katie Spillane
Corey Stoller   Barbara Patterson   Dick Havens
Maribeth Poole   Christine Ruppel   Jack Dougherty
Delores Palmer   Meg Hausman   Dorothy M. Gilday
Linda Frederick   Donald Harrington   Kirk Dabolt
Madeline Sevich   Ed Mijal   Rosemarie Havens
John Delangie   Roger Larochelle Sr.   Virginia Harrington
Bill Schenk   Randy Benthien   David Gagnon
Yolanda Thibeault   Annette Sprague   Tim Poole
Allen Davis   Henry Kuligowski   Rick Walsh
Helen Kuligowski   David Tullgren   Reggie Pedego
Collin Hall   Peter Morrisette   Roger Miville
Tom Howard   Kelly Myers   Edward Pickford
Claire Oliver   Rita Dionne   Carl Flower
Jean O’Brien   Donna Pratt   Roger Gamache
Colette LaVertue   Stanley Legenc   Jeanne Lobalzo
David S. MacLean   Peg Lindwall   Holly Wadsworth
Jacqueline Gaglini   Joan Campbell   Bob Brooks
Madeline Sevich   George Sevich   Mark Pegoraro
Joan Cavanaugh   John Cavanaugh   Louis Rantus
Juanita Woodward   Donna Mandriota   Jake Anderson
Tony Snow   Irene Szado   Joan Simonds
Laura Rifkin   Louis Rantus   Dee Massa
Louis Gaglini   Joanne Buttie   Gloria Genovese
Ronald Guillemette   Tina Jensen   Lorri Fluet
Nick Harrington   Frances Provencher   Maya Sharma
Anna Lockwood   Dennis Ferrill   Howard Kassler
Ray Lanzilotti   Peter Perich   Nicole Tilton
Bob Szacik   Stan Szacik   Steve Gulick
Jack Washwell   Sharon Washwell   Lindy Lewandowski
Michael Patanella   Sylvia Marshall   Peggy Wegman
Donnie Joyal   William Miller   Madeleine Moher
Ann Hart   Jim Chessie   Peter Wallach
Lynn Evans   Lisa Huber   Lynn Downie

I have more helmet space to add names. I would be very proud to ride in honor and memory of your family or friends. Send me their names

Please sponsor my Pan Mass Challenge Ride to benefit the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Click on the link to contribute –

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