Losing is Good for You

Think about it, all great and significant accomplishments and achievements by individuals (Thomas Edison, Sam Walton, Walt Disney, and many others) were a result of perseverance and a hunger to not give up, to look beyond short-term failures and disappointments, and to remain focused on a strong belief and desired outcomes.

This happens every day when you pause to consider activities such as sales (a good salesperson only closes 30%), job hunting (with each rejection and day that elapses, you are one step closer to the new job), physical training for competition (you must overcome the physical demands, injuries, competitive loses in order to win), new products (version 1 is never the right one), there are always tweaks, modifications, and enhancements before the product is accepted).

Passion towards your dreams and goals will keep you focused, so the next time you fail, remember that “losing” is one step closer to realizing your dreams and goals.

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