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Sweet 16


Sweet 16 has different connotations, such as, “sweet 16 and never been kissed” or “Sweet 16” as in the college basketball tournament; so why not recognize my 16th year with the PMC with these 16 thought provoking  and ridiculous occurrences of the number 16.

  1. Sweet 16 sounds good.
  2. 16 is one less than my favorite number 17. Other than 17, I like prime numbers; this year is the 35th PMC! Oh yea, that’s not prime – oh well.
  3. 16 years and counting, I plan on riding again, and again, and again. I will wear out 16 bikes before I stop.
  4. 16 x 12 = 192. Approximate distance of the PMC Sturbridge-to-Provincetown route.
  5. 16 fat grams in 2 slices of bologna, 16 calories in one cup of canned lemon juice; 16 years in PMC is much better than either of these.
  6. Sweet 16 is an interpreted “byte code” language invented by Steve Wozniak. 16 years riding does not require any computer skills except to push the start and stop buttons on my cyclometer.
  7. Sweet 16th is a Nashville bakery. Never been there, but I love cookies and cookies are great calories when riding nearly 200 miles
  8. Sweet 16 of BSA (Boy Scout of America) Safety. The 16 points identified in this guideline reflect good safety procedures for physical activity. All of these will be practiced, or will be in place, over the PMC weekend.
  9. Sweet 16 is a stitching machine designed for quilters to tackle projects with a sit-down machine. I will be sitting down on my bike for 200 miles and I will tackle this cycling challenge with every pedal stroke.
  10. Sweet 16 is a bowling center in Le Mars, Iowa. Bowling balls roll and so will the bikes of over 5,000 cyclists who will participate in the 35th Pan Mass Challenge.
  11. Sweet 16 is a songwriting app. No need for songwriting apps if you have the pleasure of riding aside Bud Dodge; his ditties are the best.
  12. Sweet 16” is a song by Green Day. Within this song, there are lines which state, “From California to Jane Street”, or “From Midwest to the beach”, in the PMC it will be “From Sturbridge to Provincetown”.
  13. Did you know Dr. Phil had a “sweet 16” list of rules for winning in the real world? Now, here are my 16 things related to the PMC.
  14. Sweet 16 Studio in Northern Arizona. Studios are all about producing audio or video projects. For 15 years, now my 16th year, I will deliver on a physical, mental and emotional level.
  15. Sweet Sixteen is a floor, wall, and glass tile system designed to transition from residential to commercial applications. OK, this one is tough; what can I say about how this relates to the PMC?
  16. Because 16 years ago, I committed to make a difference!

Live Life with Passion!


Please help –


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There’s a Lot Riding on This

Dear friends,

I am committed to raising a lot of money (and a lot of money) for cancer research and care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston by riding in the 2013 Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) – my 15th year! The event is the first weekend in August when I will join 5,500 cyclists in the 34th PMC. I hope I can count on your support.

Winning the battle against cancer!

The PMC raises more money for charity than any other single event in the country, $375 million since 1980 and $37 million last year alone! This success is the result of a lot of people riding for, and caring about, a cure. And because every penny matters, 100 percent of your donation goes to DFCI.

I’ve made a personal commitment to ride and raise $5,000. So I hope you can help me achieve this significant goal.

Please donate to my PMC ride at one of the following links:

Click here to make $25 donation

Click here to make a $50 donation

Click here to make a $100 donation

Click here to make a $250 donation

Click here to make a $500 donation

Click here to make a $1,000 donation

Click here to make a donation of any other amount

Every donation brings us closer by the mile – BELIEVE IT!

With all my heart – Thank you!

Your donation is tax deductible and 100% will go to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  To learn more about the Pan-Mass Challenge, please visit

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The PMC – My Heart

Why do I ride?” 

The simple answer is, “I have lost loved ones to cancer, and I have friends and family who have also dealt with these life challenging experiences.” What this response does not communicate is the level of emotional connection I feel. With this update, I want to try and express these feelings for you.


I have shed tears and I have cried. This happened when I lost my parents and it has happened when I am told by a friend about their loss, or the battles they, or others close to them, are facing. My tears are ones of sympathy and empathy for another human being who must deal with this pain; pain that can last a very long time.

Pain – another way of dealing with the pain

For the past 13 years, riding in the PMC has been a soul cleansing experience for me. I have viewed my preparation and participation in the two-day ride as “going to battle” against cancer. When one goes into battle, one will sometimes get dirty, one might get hurt, however one always remains focused on the goal. For me getting ready to ride in the PMC, I fully accept the lengthy preparation of regular training and the challenge of raising the required funds. Whether it is raining, it is cold, or really cold, like those days when my fingers and toes go numb and when I get in the shower it hurts as the blood returns, or it is hot, or sweltering hot, like the heat wave that went through this summer and tires felt as though they were melting and my skin tingles searching for a wisp of cool air, or during a long ride when my water bottles become empty and there are no Cliff bars in my back pockets, I remind myself of the pain that others are experiencing and I push forward. For me, this expenditure of effort and energy along with the sometimes accompanying pain is one way in which I counter my heart-felt pain, and extend my spiritual energy on behalf of family and friend’s pain.

It’s Personal

All of you know someone who has been touched by cancer and this year I was “touched” once again, let me share a couple of moments.


During this year’s fundraising efforts, a former co-worker, Bob, sent me a note informing me of his personal “cancer experience”. Having previously been a recipient of these types of messages I prepared myself to read on.

“This year although the donation is in memory of my brother, Stan, I have now had my own “cancer experience”.

I had a colon resection on May 1st. I’m pleased to report that all seems to indicate a very positive and clean outcome since it was caught early and had very competent and experienced diagnosis and surgery docs working my case. 

I now have a lot more intimate perspective and even greater appreciation for people like you who champion the cause of getting to a cure for this disease.

My very best to you for a successful and pleasant ride!! And thanks!!




My cousin, Diana, had not been on the east coast in quite some time. I was looking forward to seeing her. While planning the details of her short visit, she suggested we visit my godparents, Phil and Louise. Family is beyond mother, father, uncle, aunt, grandparents, children, etcetera, and I am confident that we all grow up with “friends of the family” who become “aunts” and “uncles”; this was the case for Diana. Phil and Louise are her favorite uncle and aunt. Sorry to say, I had not visited with my godparents in quite some time, so I looked forward to the visit. I picked Diana up at her godmother’s house. We hugged and smiled, as it was so good to reconnect. A few minutes into our drive, Diana asked, “Did you know that Sylvia has brain cancer?

My eyes welled. My heart paused. My silence was the only response I could provide to this news. I had no words. Sylvia is one my godparents’ children. She is near my age. “Brain cancer!” My mind and heart tried to handle the news.

My godparents lived with their other daughter and now Sylvia was included under this roof, as she required regular, and loving, care.

I will not go further in describing our visit, except to say, in watching Sylvia be with her children and her family touched my heart further. Upon leaving I exchanged a warm and deep embrace with Sylvia. My heart, mind and soul knew that cancer had once again entered my life and it was personal.


Even as I open up and share my honest thoughts with all of you, I sit here thinking, these words still do not convey the level of passion I have to make a difference. So, I will simply state, for now, I AM living life with passion and I will continue to ride in the PMC in support of the work being done at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

From my heart to yours, I hope you will consider supporting the PMC and make a difference!

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The PMC by the Numbers

There are 3 sets of “numbers” I would like to share with you regarding the Pan Mass Challenge’s fight against cancer.

  1. Are we making a difference?
  2. What is the PMC?
  3. Who are “we” and how are we doing?

Are we making a difference?

This is the 33rd PMC, so the question must be asked, “has the more than $330 million made a difference?” The answer is yes!

  • Death rates from all cancers from men, women and children has continued to decline.
  • Survival rates have increased 18% over the last 30 years.and take a look at this graphic;

What is the PMC?

For those who are new in your support to the PMC, and for those who want to know more:

  • Number of cyclists participating this year: 5,500 from 36 states
  • Number of volunteers this year: 3,000
  • Total number of cyclists during the PMC’s 33 years: 71,955
  • Total number of volunteers over 33 years: 42,244
  • Cyclists range from 13 to 88 years old
  • Total money raised in 33 years: $338 million
  • Percentage of Money Raised donated to Dana Farber Cancer Institute: 100%

Who are “we” and how are we doing?

Each and every year I ride in the PMC, however, each and every year I view my participation as “our” participation. You have joined me in this battle against cancer and together we put more into the karma bank and make a difference. I want to share with you who “we” are and how we have been doing over the past 13 years.

  • In 13 years, we have raised over $56,000.00 from over 1,050 donations (amazing numbers!)
  • Our average number of donations has been 78 per year
  • The largest number of donations in a year was 2005 with 103
  • The average amount of a donation over past 13 years is $53.00
  • The largest average dollar donation year was 2007 with $65.00
  • The average number of responses I get from my mailings is just over 33%
  • The highest response rate was in 2011 with 64% (I would love to capture that magic each year)
  • How many of you have contributed EVERY year since 1999? 7 (you are special!)
  • What has been the largest single donation: $901.00 (matching corporate donation)
  • What has been the largest single donation by an individual: $500.00
  • How many names (reasons to ride) are on my helmet94  (loved ones)
  • When did you join the team? 23 individuals joined in 1999, from there our ranks grew by;

PMC-When you joined

  • Where are you from? You represent 19 states.

PMC-Where are you from

So, left-brain thinkers, did I satisfy your curiosity? I hope so, because now I can ask for your support. Please support the PMC and make a difference!” 

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Meet Jack – a new family member

Someone new touched my heart today

I was walking down the office hall for a late-morning snack when Jack stopped me.

“Are you going to be participating in a non-profit event?” he inquired.

“Yes” I replied and proceeded to tell him about my ride in the Pan Mass Challenge.

Jack told me about how he saw a TV special on NECN last night regarding the PMC, so he wanted to make sure that I was aware of the generosity of the people in this office. He told me to make sure that I let the people in our rec committee know about this and to also submit to our corporate office. I said thanks and told him I would follow up with the committee and that I had already sent my request to corporate.

We discussed the PMC and its history a little more, along with our connection to other non-profit, worthy causes.

While telling him about my preparation for fundraising and riding I then told him how during hard, leg burning training rides I reflect upon those family members, friends and others who have had to deal with cancer and how the ride becomes a little easier. Jack interrupted me and said, “I am one of those. I am a cancer survivor. Colon cancer.”

I was speechless for a moment, then I looked directly into his misty eyes and said, “You are now one of the people I ride for.” I could see through my beginning-to-water eyes that we became connected at that very moment. Within a matter of seconds our spirits were linked. We went from being co-workers to being “family” members. We were now part of the family of those who suffer, or have suffered, and those who care. This was a special moment for me.

Thank you, Jack!

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“Heart and Mind”

This year represents my 14th year participating in the Pan Mass Challenge! I pondered how to best succeed in raising money to benefit the great work of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute; what came to mind is this, I want to appeal to your “heart and mind”. Please read on.

Imagine losing a family member or a dear friend to the ravages of cancer. I know many of you can, so please stop and remember them.

Over time, our memories of the pain decreases and a request such as this moves to the ‘to do’ pile. Please STOP again for a moment and remember your loved one, and know that there are many others who have or will experience what you have experience. Let your heart guide you and remember them by supporting the Pan Mass Challenge.

For those, who might ask the question, “where does my donation go?” The answer is that 100% of the money donated to the PMC goes directly to Dana Farber. So, if an appeal to your logical side will move you to donate, read how PMC dollars are used.

Well, this is my appeal to your “heart and mind“. Please consider supporting the PMC and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Thank you my friends!

Live Life with Passion!

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Lunch time


1130am Holden, MA 54 miles done about 26 to go. All going well. Thanks to all for support!

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925am Townsend


Quick bio break, riding well, God blessing this weekend for all PFC riders and volunteers

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PMC 2011 Day Zero Route

You asked how I will get to Sturbridge, MA, start of the PMC, from my home in Bedford, NH, this is how.

NH-101 W 12.7 mi
NH-13 S/South St Enter Massachusetts 8.5 mi
Continue onto MA-13 S/Brookline St 3.1 mi
Slight right onto Highland St 384 ft
Take the 1st left onto School St 479 ft
Continue onto MA-13 S/Elm St Continue to follow MA-13 S 5.9 mi
Continue onto Massachusetts 2A W/Massachusetts Ave 2.9 mi
Turn left onto Main St 0.2 mi
Turn left onto River St 0.6 mi
At the traffic circle, continue straight to stay on River St 0.9 mi
Slight left onto Westminster St 1.1 mi
Slight left onto MA-31 S/Princeton Rd 6.5 mi
Turn right onto MA-31 S/Beaman Rd 30 ft
Take the 1st left onto MA-31 S/E Princeton Rd 2.8 mi
Continue onto Boylston Ave/Cemetery Rd 0.5 mi
Continue onto Brooks Station Rd 3.0 mi
Continue onto Wachusett St 2.2 mi
Turn left onto Glenwood Rd 0.5 mi
Turn right onto Massachusetts 122A N/Main St 3.1 mi
Turn left onto MA-122 S/Barre Paxton Rd 0.7 mi
Take the 1st right onto Pleasantdale Rd 1.9 mi
Continue onto Rockland St 1.0 mi
Slight right onto MA-31 S/N Spencer Rd 5.2 mi
Turn right onto Main St 0.7 mi
Continue onto MA-9 W/Dewey St 0.9 mi
Turn left onto MA-49 S 7.4 mi
Turn right onto US-20 W/Charlton Rd 2.5 mi

PMC 2011

Please sponsor my 2011 Pan Mass Challenge Ride to benefit the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Click on the link to contribute –

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By the numbers – “our” PMC history

old metal numbers

To all my wonderful supporters this page is your page. This is your success!

Here is the history of our participation in the PMC by the numbers.

Year Training Miles No. of Donations Money Raised
1999 742 44 $1,514
2000 762 66 $2,561
2001 808 70 $3,688
2002 1359 65 $3,690
2003 984 80 $3,099
2004 1021 79 $3,257
2005 1548 103 $4,728
2006 1403 76 $4,597
2007 0 (lost training log – argh!) 72 $4,629
2008 1710 86 $5,353
2009 1982 95 $5,671
2010 2640 81 $5,265
2011 2619 102 $5,683
2012 ~2500 105 $6,730.17
2013 2849 127 $7,537.13
2014 2566 154 $11,249.25
2015 2573 124 $10,267.15
2016 2672 136 $12,890
2017 2372 131 $12,730
2018 2223 135 $15,314.17
2019 2103 133 $15,496.38
2020 2100 124 $10,681.17
2021 2025 130 $13,008.17
Totals 41,561 2,315 $169,545.67

Come back to see my progress and THANK YOU!

Please sponsor my Pan Mass Challenge Ride to benefit the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Click on the link to contribute

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