“Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”


You’ve received my first PMC email, my flyer in the mail and I’m back with 17 days to go till my 18th Pan Mass Challenge. Please consider this.

tears_of_sadnessYesterday, today and tomorrow, you thought, or will think, about the loved ones who are fighting, or have lost their fight with cancer. I know I have, I do and I will, yesterday, today and tomorrow. These memories and thoughts drive me to train hard to be ready for three days of riding the PMC during the first weekend in August. This is what drives me to raise funds so the men and women at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute can continue with their great work.

Please remember those thoughts and feelings that you have had and will have, and consider a donation in their memory.

You can go online at: www.pmc.org/egifts/LG0036.

I ride with passion for many!



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“Do you know these people?”

My 18th year participating in the Pan Mass Challenge is here. I have shared stories of many friends who have won and lost their battles against cancer. Friends, just like yours.
Do you know these people?

IMG_4161He’s the father, grandfather, or good friend who rides a Harley, likes his “Captain Morgan”, is strong in his political views, a real independent spirit. Family is very important to him and he takes his familial position seriously – don’t mess with his family! Craig

How about the friend who is always smiling, perpetually upbeat, and willing to assist friends in need? He enjoys family and the simple pleasures in life. You definitely want this person around when there is a gathering!

IMG_4164Then there is the friend who is a warrior.  The one who, in the midst of adversity, does not falter. Despite the external façade of sternness, he has a passion for life, family, friends and this great country.

Finally, there is the friend who is mild-manner and quick-witted with a dry sense of humor.  A person with a multitude of talents, and a huge heart, who is always willing to help out with any project. This friend may be quiet, but he is the thread of love running through a circle of friends. Hank

I know all these people. They are Norm, Craig, Kirk, and Hank. Craig and Kirk are currently fighting cancer.  While Hank is now delivering his quiet, simple jokes in God’s great ocean of love, AND, Norm, who is now taking his beloved wife Rose, for a ride on his Harley around heaven’s paradise.

I know that you also know these people for you have family and friends like these in your lives. These people are dear to you so keep them close to your hearts and be thankful for their good health.

Help me make this year a special one by remembering all our friends who are fighting, or have fought, this battle against cancer.  Please help me reach my goal of $10,000. I ride for your family and friends!

Live Life with Passion!



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PMC Piccola Night 2016

PMC poster 2016Would you like a night full of great food, smiles, friends milling and chatting about, some laughs here and there, raffles and more? Then, you really want to consider joining me for my 2nd PMC Piccola Night. For those in the greater Manchester area, you already know, or should know about Piccola Italia as being the best Italian restaurant. Giovanni Paolini, owner for Piccola, has a goal to have each customer feel like family and I can guarantee this is the experience you will have.

Many years ago, upon entering Piccola Italia, at the hostess station I saw a photo of this runner at the Boston Marathon. Next to the photo was a fish bowl with money in it. Below the photo was a short description of “Johnny” who was raising money in support of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. “A brother!” I exclaimed to my wife and our friends. “I have to meet this guy!” I asked the hostess about the photo and asked if I could meet him. She replied that he was the owner and he is busy cooking. I told her I HAD TO meet him and I would only take a moment of his time. (She was probably thinking, that she had a customer in front of her and she better at least try.) Johnny came out from the kitchen and I introduced myself and my ride with the PMC. His passion and energy beamed forward as we talked about our mutual efforts. I knew we were “brothers” in the fight against cancer.

One night two years ago, my wife and I were at Piccola for dinner when Johnny stopped by to say hello. We chatted and then his passion came forth when he asked if there was something more he could do beyond making a donation to my ride. Last year was a great night, and so here we are again.

Again, great food and fun all in one night. So, come “home” and help me fight the fight against cancer.

See you there!



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How are the projects going?

How are the projects going?

I was recently asked this question and my first response was, “fine”. I am very optimistic so almost all of my responses usually denote a positive tone.

The inquirer accepted this response. However, I am also very honest and I followed with, “…there are some challenges, but they [projects] are still moving forward…

Sometimes projects have bumps in the road” was their response to my response. I agreed.

Before they could escape our office breakroom environment, I stepped up onto my project management podium and proceeded to describe a view about project challenges.

If you are still with me, and for other project managers, does this resonate with your experiences?

In the beginning of a project there is a lot of enthusiasm and excitement about the future; a future that will deliver millions of dollars, or solve world crises. Well, maybe not millions of dollars or world peace, but improved margins, new software, better processes, or a new building could be a result.

The team takes the project start’s positive energy and goes forward.vision

Then, at some point in the project’s timeline, team members lower their heads and lose site of the vision on the horizon. This is when side-steps, back-steps, project halts, tensions rise, emergency meetings are held, all because an individual, or group, becomes focused on a particular task, or event. This type of disruption creates delays and angst. My experience has recognized this situation on a number of occasions. The challenge for the project manager, and should be that of the Executive Sponsor(s) as well, is to get everyone to raise their heads and refocus their energies onto the future.

I often ask myself, why do people do this, take their eyes away from the goal? Do they still want to make money or have a new building? If yes, then take that desire and focus on the steps that will get the project going in that direction versus back-steps, or unnecessary meetings.

At this point in a project’s life, I have come to recognize that there are two things that a project manager will have to do.

  1. Resurface those project kick-off vision statements and circulate to the team.
  2. Attend those extra meetings, write up additional reports, have more phone calls (ugh!)

Do you agree that these two things will happen? Which one will you devote more energy to?

The next time I get the question, how are the projects going, I will kick it up a notch and say, “Great!


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“Marcel’s Hill”

“Here it is”, Bud said as we took a left-hand turn and faced a steep hill.

This was the hill that Bud had ridden hard in 1998 in honor of my father, Marcel. I remember him telling me the details of this moment in the Pan Mass Challenge and my eyes watered in response. Dad had died in March of 1998 and the pain of losing him was still very fresh in my heart and mind.

It was now 1999 and I was facing this steep hill, I was tired from one-and-half days of riding but I responded with a lightning surge of emotional energy. I jumped out of my saddle and tore up this incline separating myself from the riders around me. This was for dad! Halfway up the hill, my legs flooded with blood and lactic acid and screamed for mercy. My breathing blew in-and-out like a motorized bellows while my lungs expanded to their maximum capacity. Legs and lungs pushing as hard as I could go. A brief thought of stopping this surge entered my thoughts only to hear myself scream inside, “Go harder!” I love my dad and this effort was for him. I made it to the top of the hill breathing hard and slumping slightly over my handlebars. We were more than halfway done our second day of riding and this expenditure brought me to the edge. “Thanks Bud!” I said.

marcelEach year after my introduction to “Marcel’s Hill” I charge this incline with a ravenous hunger to celebrate my father’s life with an outpouring of physical exertion. One year I forgot where the hill was and we came upon this memorable part of the course just after I had been pulling a group of riders for quite some time. I had just dropped back to rest and here was the hill. My fatigue got out of my way as I once again jumped on my pedals and screamed up the incline. Again, my legs protested  as I pounded each rotation into the road. “This is for you dad!” my heart yelled.

Another August weekend will soon be here. The miles across Massachusetts will present their challenges, but in a small residential neighbor hood on “Marcel’s Hill” I will celebrate my love for my dad.


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PMC Thumbs Up17 years ago, I began with the PMC and I was on a mission….

Trust involves a person being clearly aware of another person’s position on something and recognizing that they will stand by their convictions.

Do you trust me?

Every year, I am very clear on what my mission is with the PMC – to find a cure for cancer in our lifetime by supporting the great people and work of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
I have put all my trust in their work and I believe they will find the answer.

Do you trust me?

Harsh weather conditions, training challenges of long miles and mountains, equipment malfunctions, like flats and gear problems, you name it; nothing will stop me from this ride!

Do you trust me, or do you need the facts?

  • Founded in 1980, the PMC is in its 36th year! 
  • The PMC has raised over $455,000,000!
  • Cyclists come from 38 states and 5 countries.
  • Over 300 are cancer survivors or current patients.
  • 100% Every dollar raised goes directly to the PMC!

Do you trust me, or do you need more? PMC’s Impact with Dana-Farber

  • 360,000 patient visits
  • 4,000 women seen in Mammography van
  • 6,000 tumors genetically sequenced
  • 54 cancer specialists named “Top Doctors”

Do you trust me?

All of your donations fuel my commitment and let you take the ride with me. Hear I am 17 years later and still on “our” mission. 

Trust me and support the PMC!

You can either:

Make a check payable to: ‘PMC’ and mail to: Larry Gagnon, 2 Line Road, Bedford, NH 03110


Go to: www.pmc.org/egifts/LG0036 

Thank you friends!!

174_PMC14_Highlights_2014Live Life with Passion!

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Review: “7 reasons to see Furious 7”


I really enjoy going to the movies with my son, Max. After movies we will get into a back-and-forth review of the pluses and minuses; and, usually the next day I will see his critique online. Well, dad decided to jump in on this critique stuff and as a result, here are my reasons (seven of them) to see “Furious 7”.

#7 – Its not real; nothing is real in this movie! Don’t for a moment think that anything portrayed in this movie is possible. Get over it people. If you want to believe the stunts are possible, don’t go see this movie. I think the producers knew this, went with it, and stayed with it throughout the entire movie. Check your reality senses at the door as soon as you buy your ticket.

#6 – Speaking of not real… We see the aftermath of how one man gets through an army (let’s say 10, 20; no, let’s say a 100 or so) of guards in a hospital to let his dying brother (you need to have seen #6 to know why the brother is dying) know that vengeance will be had. Followed by a very large, muscular man, after fighting the vengeful brother, falls out of a tall building while hugging a woman, lands on a car and survives. And, there are many, many other examples. The 2-plus hours will go by quickly.

#5 – The cast stays true to their characters. They deliver on their bad-ass, over-confident personas. They have good one-liners; “…his momma should have kept her legs closed…” and “…woman, I am the cavalry…”. And, once again, there are more of these, so you can plan to gasp and laugh.

#4 – Timely and well placed T & A. To quote Jeff Foxworthy, “I am a guy!”

#3 – Vehicles, not just cars, but all kinds of ‘Hot Wheels’ cars through out the film. How about 5 cars getting dropped, or should I say drive out of a plane, parachutes open, they land on rural mountain road and drive off. Ambulances kill drones. Racing through the forests (obviously, no trees in this part of the world; oh yea, I was suppose to check my reality senses at the door). Cars drive off cliffs – on purpose!

#2 – Remember, no reality here, just plain testosterone level pain between big guys, and women. The fight scenes pitting one of the master big-screen tough guys Jason Statham going against the Rock, then later Vin Diesel are Boom! Pow! Kapow! Crash! Zonk! You get it…

#1 – Tribute to Paul Walker. Very nicely done. It’s all about family!

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Many Years of Flying the PMC Colors!


Each year, riders get an event jersey. Below in order are my jerseys. I will tell you that I do have favorites (and ones that I don’t like). Which is your favorite? Looks like I need to update my page.

15 years of flying the PMC colors!

Live Life with Passion!




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Sweet 16


Sweet 16 has different connotations, such as, “sweet 16 and never been kissed” or “Sweet 16” as in the college basketball tournament; so why not recognize my 16th year with the PMC with these 16 thought provoking  and ridiculous occurrences of the number 16.

  1. Sweet 16 sounds good.
  2. 16 is one less than my favorite number 17. Other than 17, I like prime numbers; this year is the 35th PMC! Oh yea, that’s not prime – oh well.
  3. 16 years and counting, I plan on riding again, and again, and again. I will wear out 16 bikes before I stop.
  4. 16 x 12 = 192. Approximate distance of the PMC Sturbridge-to-Provincetown route.
  5. 16 fat grams in 2 slices of bologna, 16 calories in one cup of canned lemon juice; 16 years in PMC is much better than either of these.
  6. Sweet 16 is an interpreted “byte code” language invented by Steve Wozniak. 16 years riding does not require any computer skills except to push the start and stop buttons on my cyclometer.
  7. Sweet 16th is a Nashville bakery. Never been there, but I love cookies and cookies are great calories when riding nearly 200 miles
  8. Sweet 16 of BSA (Boy Scout of America) Safety. The 16 points identified in this guideline reflect good safety procedures for physical activity. All of these will be practiced, or will be in place, over the PMC weekend.
  9. Sweet 16 is a stitching machine designed for quilters to tackle projects with a sit-down machine. I will be sitting down on my bike for 200 miles and I will tackle this cycling challenge with every pedal stroke.
  10. Sweet 16 is a bowling center in Le Mars, Iowa. Bowling balls roll and so will the bikes of over 5,000 cyclists who will participate in the 35th Pan Mass Challenge.
  11. Sweet 16 is a songwriting app. No need for songwriting apps if you have the pleasure of riding aside Bud Dodge; his ditties are the best.
  12. Sweet 16” is a song by Green Day. Within this song, there are lines which state, “From California to Jane Street”, or “From Midwest to the beach”, in the PMC it will be “From Sturbridge to Provincetown”.
  13. Did you know Dr. Phil had a “sweet 16” list of rules for winning in the real world? Now, here are my 16 things related to the PMC.
  14. Sweet 16 Studio in Northern Arizona. Studios are all about producing audio or video projects. For 15 years, now my 16th year, I will deliver on a physical, mental and emotional level.
  15. Sweet Sixteen is a floor, wall, and glass tile system designed to transition from residential to commercial applications. OK, this one is tough; what can I say about how this relates to the PMC?
  16. Because 16 years ago, I committed to make a difference!

Live Life with Passion!


Please help – http://www.pmc.org/egifts/LG0036


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Less We Forget – Boston Strong Tunes

boston_strong_4_15_13Less we forget, I am sharing these tunes with many. The lyrics below were written by one of the members of the Boston Marathon Medals Team volunteers.

To the tune of the M.T.A. song by the Kingston Trio:

Well let me tell you all a story about Marathon Monday, on a tragic and fateful day

runners pinned on their numbers, kissed their wives and families, left Hopkinton for Boston’s Back Bay

chorus: Well did they all cross the finish, no not all crossed the finish, and our lives are forever changed

people fell in the street less than a mile to the finish an act of terror ruined a bright and beautiful day

Through Natik and Newton and up Heartbreak Hill, runners raced to the Citgo and Fenway

thousands cheering, handing water and high five motivation on this bright, clear Patriots Day


Some runners got as far as the Kenmore Square Station, but were stopped at a quarter to three

if they had gotten to Boylston they’d they’d have seen bombs exploding with blood on the finish line street


All day long runners cried for rhyme and reason to find what had happened and who

would blast this great city with such horror and carnage as the maimed and the suffering that day knew


Now you citizens of Boston don’t you think it’s dreadful, we were under attack that day

fight this terror in our cities for the safety of our people, end this evil put on the U.S.A.

To the tune of This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie:

This land is your land,this land is my land from the Boston Marathon to the Ground Zero island

from Newtown Connecticut to the Aurora theater, good people must fight to be free.

As I was standing just past the finish line I heard to my left a bomb exploding

I saw above me the smoke was billowing, good people must fight to be free

Friends were running dazed from the blast as the sirens pierced like the nails and broken glass

Yet all around me life’s spirit was responding, good people must fight to be free

Runners had to quit running sights and sounds were numbing

as the smoke was clearing there was no understanding, still people came with open hands rebuilding

good people will fight to be free.

Again to the tune of This Land…

This run is your run, this run is my run from the start at Hopkinton to the finish in Boston

through the streets of Wellesley and up Heartbreak Hill, this run brings out the best in you an me

On Patriots Day nations run with each other; both genders, young and old in any kind of weather

building lives for themselves and many others, this run brings out the best in you and me

for over twenty six miles thousands are cheering giving out food and water and medals for finishing

helping people with their dreams they are fulfilling, this run brings out the best in you and me

when danger becomes real, fear is a choice and evil will not win as long as good men have a voice

bad always loses to good and people will rejoice

and finally :

4/18/75 – 4/15/13

There was no midnight ride of Paul Revere this time

to warn family and friends before the sirens whine

as thousands of runners approached the finish line

no lanterns, no lights only innocence of the coming fight

for our country’s peace and freedom from an evil plight 

the havoc and tragedy about to unwind

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