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What do I do?

How do I help companies succeed? Here is a list of services and example projects.

Strategic Planning and Roadmap DevelopmentLeads and facilitates organizational, functional and technical strategic planning and roadmap development by engaging with key stakeholders.Finance: Facilitated planning sessions with Vice Chancellor of Financial Affairs and Treasurer. Performed review of work portfolios across Directors subject areas, including Financial Affairs, Capital Planning and Development, Audit, Institutional Research and Procurement. Established process for prioritization and reporting.  

Human Resources: Consulted on the review of HR’s portfolio of projects; provided a prioritization approach and templates.  

Cybersecurity Solutions Company: Created a 2-year strategic convergence plan and CRM solution for the integration of applications and websites resulting in the elimination of 20 redundant business applications, data cleansing of customer databases (120,000+ records reduced to 17,000) and the standardization of business processes (order management and customer service) across several key functional areas.  
Project and Program ManagementEducates and guides organizations in the disciplines to managing projects, oversight of third-party PMs, following best practices, Charters, Project Plans, Issue Risk logs etc…   Additionally, and of importance is understanding the difference between projects and programs. Larry provides clear recommendations on the processes and resourcing allocations to support these two management areas.  Human Resources and Procurement: Guided Procurement and HR functions on understanding the difference of projects and programs in their management of their projects portfolio resulting in tactical and strategic roadmaps and more aligned resources.  
Project Intake and Prioritization SelectionEstablishes the structure for the submission and prioritization of project proposals/requests. The structure (templates and timing) engages organizational functions and stakeholders across the enterprise. Prioritization starts with aligning proposals with strategic and organizational objectives, then examining business value/benefit, business complexity (e.g. workflows and cross-functional requirements) and technical complexity (cross-systems, cross-databases, data manipulation, security, etc.)Information Technology: Employed multiple organizational functions; Finance, HR, Procurement and IT in the review of existing processes and development of go-forward processes. Of note was development of a Long Range Technology Plan for IT across the enterprise.  
PMO (Project Management Office) DevelopmentEstablishes the strategic and tactical project management guidelines, policies, processes, best practices along with standards for documentation. Includes the role of the PMO in the organization and the identification of required resources.Federal Government Sub-contractor: Worked closely with the IT department within a military branch to architect and facilitated the implementation of a PMO (Project Management Office) while the organization achieved CMMI certification. Additionally, applied Six Sigma and Lean disciplines to this newly created PMO.  
Business Process, Workflow, Operations Analysis and OptimizationClearly understands and guides the review, analysis and optimization of business processes and workflows. Facilitates sessions based on Lean principles to achieve value-add, optimization results.Semi-conductor Manufacturing: Delivered an ERP solution (Siebel 7) for an international, ISO 9001:2000 semi-conductor company resulting in the retirement of 4 legacy applications and millions of data records migrated. The project involved all functional areas (Sales, Legal, Product Mgmt., Manufacturing, Finances) to address quote-to-cash sales and product development lifecycle.  

IT Solutions Provider: Led a key strategic initiative to deliver a B2B web-based custom pricing architecture to enterprise-level corporate clients using JD Edwards for a recognized e-commerce leader of computer hardware and software solutions. The solution helped company reach $100 million revenues  

Online Education Company: Developed from scratch a department and processes to deliver on the complete customer experiencer: Pre-sales to Post-sales Support and Account Management.  

Higher Ed Processes: IAM (Integrated Advising Model), HR Onboarding Process, LRTP (Long Range Technology Planning) Intake Process, IT Project Intake Process for several campuses, USNH OEC (Online Enrollment Center) Workflow Processes, Cross-campus purchasing  
Vendor/Partner ManagementEngages in the management of vendor/partner relationships to achieve organizational project and program objectives. Engaged in all aspects of the relationship including: RFP Development, Selection Criteria, Contract Award, Project Management and Accountability (reporting and communications). Managed vendor engagements through procurement lifecycle. EPM (Oracle PBCS), ERP (SAP, Ellucian),Time Management (Kronos)eProcurement (Jaggaer), CRM (Salesforce and Siebel),Business Process Review and Roadmaps, Master Services Agreement  
Technology Assessments and Impact AwarenessWorking with clients to assess the health and status of key business applications. Determine how existing technology has been integrated, identify redundant and orphaned systems. Ensures that all business processes and functions are efficiently delivering on strategic and operational objectives Guides the review of existing technology ecosystems and provides an assessment of current state (versioning, licensing, etc.) and develops roadmaps to optimize systems and business processes.Cybersecurity Solutions Company: Conducted a complete inventory of organization’s business applications portfolio. Following the inventory created a matrix of key profiling elements: business owner, platform, users, funding, etc. Notable project achievement; reduced 23 apps to 3.  
Cloud ReadinessThe movement and adoption of cloud-based solutions continues at an accelerated rate; however, many organizations still struggle with the decision to move their on-premise infrastructure and applications into the cloud. Larry has provided organizations with an approach to confidently make this decision. Combining an education of cloud services, addressing misconceptions and leading stakeholders through risk/benefit analysis.Managed Services Company: Conducted numerous assessments of customers’ operational and organizational readiness to move applications to cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace) Provided technology reviews to help right size solutions.
Data Analysis and ManagementWorks with data managers and stakeholders to evaluate, analyze and develop data requirements to fulfill project and operational objectives. Provides guidance to management and technical teams on the appropriate strategies to build-out strategic and tactical data management and reporting plans.Completed an analysis and provided an approach with recommendations on the cleanup of Ellucian Banner to support an eProcurement project.Established the criteria and processes for the onboarding of vendors to Jaggaer application.
Leadership and ManagementEstablishes a “trusted advisor” and “senior leader” persona when working with clients. Working internally and externally (customers and business partners) represents organizational strategic objectives and drives key transformational and growth initiatives without disrupting existing structures.  Cybersecurity Solutions Company: Represented SVP of Sales in global development and deployment of CRM project and program.  

Online Education Company: Partnered with Senior Executives in presenting company’s value add products and services with focus on post-sales support and account management relationship.

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What they say about Larry Gagnon?

I am blessed to be able to help others achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations. I guess I do have an impact as here are comments from people I have worked with.

 “It’s a privilege to work with someone as gifted and talented as Larry. He is the consummate professional and a manager who always “has your back.” No question is too trivial, no matter too complex, and no customer situation too challenging for him. I continue to learn from him each day, both by his words and by his example. He has great clarity of vision; when I am in the midst of problemsolving, he can play back a situation to help me see a different angle and offer a solution that I may not have considered. In addition, Larry truly appreciates his team and takes every opportunity to convey that to us. He is someone who takes a group and makes it a TEAM.”
~ Mary R. (Customer Support)

“As an experienced and deeply talented manager and leader, Larry consistently exceeds expectations and metrics with the performance of his group. Larry effortlessly handles difficult customer personalities and scales a very complex product rollout process across a large population of strategically important organizations. He is a valuable part of my team.”
~ Amelia N. (Chief Content Officer)

“Larry’s dedication, passion, honesty and directness has been a refreshing pleasure to work with both as a colleague and as my manager. He has been a great mentor and inspiration to me in project management, facilitation and communication where his positive attitude, experience and leadership helped foster communication at all levels within the organization providing a value add. Larry would be an asset to any organization.”
~Beth R. (Project Manager)

“Larry utilizes his functional, technical, and project management skills in extremely impactful and thoughtful ways. He is one of the best Project Managers I have ever worked with, leading to an on-time and on-budget implementation at USNH. He’s also a heck of a nice guy, and a pleasure to work with!”
~ Jonathan E. (Customer Success Director)

“I have had the pleasure of, knowing, managing, and working with Larry throughout his tenure at USNH. Larry has a diverse set of skills and talents, far and beyond being a PMP and Lean Practitioner. Larry has an extremely positive and energizing personality, augmented by an analytical mind which he uses to assess and balance project risk and develop appropriate courses of action. His ability to lead and inspire teams in achieving their project goals is facilitated through his communication, EQ skills, and ability to quickly read a room, curate appropriate messaging and help teams focus on the vision and work through project Issues and risks. Larry is an accomplished speaker, educator and presenter. He is comfortable in communicating with senior leadership, working one on one with teams or addressing a room of hundreds. He leverages these skills during project status reviews, leading seminars, and facilitating process improvement sessions. Larry would be a strong addition to any team.”
~ Paul D. (Chief of Staff)

“Larry and I have worked together for over 6 years and he is without a doubt both a leader and a manager. During this time Larry managed organization changing projects meeting requirements of many constitutions across a college system such as implementation for an e-procurement solution, a time and leave reporting system, EPM, and the HR ERP. I was amazed to watch him dissect the complex, highly charged issues and use his skills and experiences to solve problems by looking at the big picture, assessing all relevant details, and providing clear and viable solutions or options. I have also observed how his teams recognize that he is there for them. He provides clarity of vision on projects and work in general and embraces mentoring junior team members. His inclusive leadership creates teams with a motivated focus. I am deeply grateful for the years I have worked with Larry and can say confidently he absolutely is and will be a valuable and positive team member for any endeavor or organization he is involved with.
~ Steve P. (Vice President Finance)

“I had the privilege of working with Larry at Digital Equipment Corp and later hired him to run my ECommerce initiative at RSA Security. Larry is a tremendous team player that drives projects to completion in a collaborative manner. He is an outstanding leader with a can-do attitude and any organization would benefit greatly from his leadership.”
~ Mike H. (Vice President Operations)

“I had the pleasure of reporting into Larry at APS. During my time with the company I learned many key aspects of Project Management not covered during my PM certification, through Larry’s experience and wisdom. Larry is a true champion of service excellence and a motivating force. He is highly respected by all and people gravitate to Larry as a mentor. Never have I seen such grace under fire during key milestones and events of a project/program. Larry has my highest recommendation!”
~ Deb J. (Project Manager)

 “I worked closely with Larry for over a year. I can emphatically state that Larry is an individual who cares greatly about doing right by the customer. He cares passionately for the people he manages. And he is entirely dedicated to whichever role he is performing. Larry’s project management skills would make him an asset for any company. I recommend Larry without reservation.”
~ Bob S. (Vice President of Development)

“Larry is a committed and capable leader of people who knows how to positively motivate those around him. I have found Larry to be an excellent sounding board for “messages” (to internal and external recipients) as he brings clear insight to the most complicated situations. He truly understands the balance around working to a compromise that suits multiple sides and goals of a project.”
~ Tomas O. (Product Manager)

“Larry is a detailed, wellorganized individual with a positive attitude and an excellent team player that does not hesitate to tackle new or complex tasks. I found him to be very professional with Perot Systems associates, managers, and clients. He is enthusiastic about his work, and always willing to learn new things. I worked with Larry on some projects, and found him to be a great support.”
~ Jeff G. (Senior IT Manager)

“Larry is a consummate professional. In his role at APS, he led his team in navigating complex client deployments involving thousands of users. He embodied professionalism and integrity in every interaction. I have every confidence he would be an asset to the leadership team of any organization.”
~ Leo N. (Software Development Manager)

 “Larry is an incredible asset to APS. He is able to communicate effectively with all departments in the organization and customers at every level. His door is always open and able to offer insight and support to issues that may arise. That is refreshing for a subordinate to have in working through challenges. He is a problem solver, leads by example, organized, articulate, humble and wants those working under him to be successful. I truly believe you could pick up any book with examples of strong leadership/management styles and it would be describing Larry.”
~ John K. (Account Manager & Professional Services)

 “As Director of Services at Scribe Larry was a motivator across his and all departments. He is a pleasure to work with and has excellent communication skills. I know through working with his direct reports that they also found him to be a fair, effective and enabling leader of their team. Larry is a solid, team oriented addition to any organization.”
~ Mike B. (QA Engineer and Developer)

“Larry is an outstanding professional who leads by example, and his managerial style is both supportive and constructive. While reporting to Larry, he provided a balanced approach to each issue I brought to him, helping me to achieve the most effective results possible often within challenging constraints. It a pleasure to work with, and for, Larry.”
~ Melissa K. (Technical Writer and Training Developer)

“I had the opportunity to work with Larry while implementing a CRM solution for RSA Security. Larry provided the type of positive leadership that is needed to make a crossfunctional project a success. He is very detail orientated, displays great communication skills when managing the needs of different user groups and always brings a contagious positive attitude to all of the projects he works on. Larry is hard working, dedicated and a pleasure to know and work with. I highly recommend him.”
~ Denny P. (Business Analyst and Developer)

 “Larry is a professional who excelled at managing the Ecommerce process, support staff and tool. He and his team were key in providing and managing the interface between the technical IS and Business organizations and their requirements.”
~ Mark S. (Director of Customer Operations)

“Having recruited Larry into my organization as Program Manager over vendor relationships, I was extremely impressed by his drive to succeed. Highly intelligent and equally personable, Larry developed and executed marketing strategies for selling into the Digital channel, working with almost every major manufacturer in the computer industry. With seasoned experience, he enjoys a unique ability to absorb technology and recognize the benefits it can provide. I count it an honor to know Larry and highly recommend him to any company.”
~ Randall C. (Senior Marketing Director)

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