Less We Forget – Boston Strong Tunes

boston_strong_4_15_13Less we forget, I am sharing these tunes with many. The lyrics below were written by one of the members of the Boston Marathon Medals Team volunteers.

To the tune of the M.T.A. song by the Kingston Trio:

Well let me tell you all a story about Marathon Monday, on a tragic and fateful day

runners pinned on their numbers, kissed their wives and families, left Hopkinton for Boston’s Back Bay

chorus: Well did they all cross the finish, no not all crossed the finish, and our lives are forever changed

people fell in the street less than a mile to the finish an act of terror ruined a bright and beautiful day

Through Natik and Newton and up Heartbreak Hill, runners raced to the Citgo and Fenway

thousands cheering, handing water and high five motivation on this bright, clear Patriots Day


Some runners got as far as the Kenmore Square Station, but were stopped at a quarter to three

if they had gotten to Boylston they’d they’d have seen bombs exploding with blood on the finish line street


All day long runners cried for rhyme and reason to find what had happened and who

would blast this great city with such horror and carnage as the maimed and the suffering that day knew


Now you citizens of Boston don’t you think it’s dreadful, we were under attack that day

fight this terror in our cities for the safety of our people, end this evil put on the U.S.A.

To the tune of This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie:

This land is your land,this land is my land from the Boston Marathon to the Ground Zero island

from Newtown Connecticut to the Aurora theater, good people must fight to be free.

As I was standing just past the finish line I heard to my left a bomb exploding

I saw above me the smoke was billowing, good people must fight to be free

Friends were running dazed from the blast as the sirens pierced like the nails and broken glass

Yet all around me life’s spirit was responding, good people must fight to be free

Runners had to quit running sights and sounds were numbing

as the smoke was clearing there was no understanding, still people came with open hands rebuilding

good people will fight to be free.

Again to the tune of This Land…

This run is your run, this run is my run from the start at Hopkinton to the finish in Boston

through the streets of Wellesley and up Heartbreak Hill, this run brings out the best in you an me

On Patriots Day nations run with each other; both genders, young and old in any kind of weather

building lives for themselves and many others, this run brings out the best in you and me

for over twenty six miles thousands are cheering giving out food and water and medals for finishing

helping people with their dreams they are fulfilling, this run brings out the best in you and me

when danger becomes real, fear is a choice and evil will not win as long as good men have a voice

bad always loses to good and people will rejoice

and finally :

4/18/75 – 4/15/13

There was no midnight ride of Paul Revere this time

to warn family and friends before the sirens whine

as thousands of runners approached the finish line

no lanterns, no lights only innocence of the coming fight

for our country’s peace and freedom from an evil plight 

the havoc and tragedy about to unwind

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